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Making Progress

A lot was accomplished this weekend. The kitchen cabinets are almost completely installed. The woodwork is finished and installation begins Tuesday morning.

Riesling Wine is King in the Finger Lakes

Riesling is is a very popular wine in the United States. It is  food-friendly and affordable and is a diverse wine in that it can be bone dry or a sweet  dessert variety. Riesling is also king in the Finger Lakes.  Often called a  noble grape, it is the Finger Lakes’ most widely planted Vinifera variety.  There are almost 1000 acres in production and almost all wineries offer at least one Riesling.  The slate soils and micro-climate created by the glacial-formed lakes are said to what makes Riesling thrive here.  Finger Lakes wineries  continue to be  internationally recognized for their award-winning Rieslings and the variety has received ...