How About a Balloon Ride over Seneca Lake

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.37.15 PMHere at Sunrise Landing we are always looking for new ways to make your stay at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast even more memorable. A meeting this morning with Captain Carroll Teitsworth, of Liberty Balloon Company promises to move us another step in that direction.  For a moment, try to imagine all the breathtaking beauty of Seneca Lake while peacefully and calmly flying freely through the air, unobstructed by any earthly barriers. Flying at treetop height affords passengers a captivating view of scenery and wildlife, and flying a few thousand feet in the air gives one a unique, panoramic view. If you happen to be an amateur or even professional photographer with a desire to achieve unique opportunities to capture the breathtaking beautify of the lake and surrounding landscape this would be the  perfect choice for you. And, if you just want to be a passenger and take it all in,  while floating above our beautiful, blue lake – we can make it happen. Balloon flights require almost perfect, (low-wind) weather conditions so patience is sometimes necessary. If you are booking a stay for several nights, we suggest booking your flight early on, giving you ample opportunity to reschedule, if the weather is not cooperative on that first try.  Teitsworth, a certified FAA designated balloon pilot has been a full time professional balloonist since 1978 and has logged over 3,300 hours of hot air ballooning in that time. He was a US Navy multi-engine airplane pilot, and a flight instructor, prior to taking up ballooning as a profession.  He and the Liberty Balloon Company’s entire staff are dedicated to providing you with a safe, unique and possibly a once in a lifetime experience,  during your visit to the Finger Lakes.  For more information, see the our packages page  and the  Liberty Balloon Website or call the Captain at 585-243-3178 or 800-777-2FLY.

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