Innkeepers Visit Glenora for Tasting and Tour

While Sunrise Landing is closed for “Inn Keeper renewal and Inn refurbishment”, we take every opportunity to visit some of the exciting spots we recommend to our guests the rest of the year. Last Sunday, along with long-time  friends from Rochester, Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata, we had two special treats at Glenora Wine Cellars.

We had read about their concrete egg tanks for fermenting wine and were eager to see them. The staff warmly greeted us as always and were happy to give us a mini tour before our Chocolate and Wine tasting. Breanna took us down into the wine cellar. We passed through the room containing the familiar huge stainless steel vats and then passed the rows of oak barrels. Tucked into another area are four concrete egg fermenting vessels.  Glenora purchased its first concrete egg in 2013, very soon after owner, Gene Pierce, visited wineries in the Rhone Valley using similar vessels. That first egg was used for its 2013 Pinot Blanc. We were able to taste a sample and it is a smooth wine with a crisp finish – very nice. All of the tanks are used for white wines.  The concrete egg fermenting is known for  stabilizing the wine’s temperature as it ages and softening the texture. European wine makers have used the technology for centuries.

Next we went back upstairs for our chocolate and wine treat in their private reserve tasting room. Glenora is privileged to have been able to partner with Guylian Chocolates, famous Belgian chocolate company that is known for molding chocolate in seashell and seahorse shapes. We tasted four wines, three with seahorse truffles and one with a dark chocolate bark. A dark truffle is paired with a non-vintage brut sparkling wine, a milk chocolate truffle with a choice of Cranberry Wine or Glenora Cabernet Sauvignon, an original hazelnut truffle with Riesling, and a Raspberry Rose with bittersweet chocolate. Each wine and chocolate pairing is an amazing treat and together was a lovely afternoon experience.

Glenora Winery is at 5435 State Route 14, just 1.5 miles south of  the beginning of Apple Road,  where Sunrise Landing is located.

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