Warm Greetings from Our Home to Yours

We closed for the 2019 season in December with a houseful of happy guests checking out. Most were visiting for the Deck the Halls wine trail event. The weekend went well and the holiday food, wine and festivities seemed to be enjoyed by all. In spite of a second winter storm with significant snowfall, the weather had cleared prior to the weekend and Bob managed to get Apple Road cleared well enough so that getting in and out was a breeze for all.


Watkins Glen is Finally Emerging from Renovations
 After a couple of New York State multi-million dollar grants several years ago to revitalize the State Park and spiff up the village, it seemed like construction would go on forever. Finally, we are beginning to see something besides jack-hammers and barricades and the village and park are looking great. The park entrance has been transformed to be far more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. There are educational displays, a new gift shop, renovated restrooms and more. We have also been impressed with the distinctive new crosswalks, shops, and dramatic, new lighting on Franklin Street. Captain Bill’s “pirate” building has been torn down and according to reports the replacement is expected to include a new Port of Seneca Lake which will greatly enhance the view This is expected to include construction of a two-story building to house Captain Bill’s Seneca Lake Cruise Terminal and, reportedly, will also include event space.
Interesting new businesses on Franklyn Street include Crystal City Olive Oil Company where one can taste and purchase a variety of gourmet oils and vinegar, and right next door is a little Ukrainian Restaurant – Babcha’s Pierogies. The menu is small but they have the best Pierogies and cabbage rolls I have ever tasted. Also exciting is the recent re-opening of Graft – the wine and cider bar on Franklin Street. Orlando Rodrigues, who was the Executive Chef at Verizon’s (Glenora’s Restaurant) for over a decade, is the new chef-owner of Graft. We can attest to its excellence – wonderful menu, delicious gourmet small plates, great choice of Finger Lakes wines, cider, and beer, and terrific personal service.


Our Travel to England and Ireland
Our trip to England and Ireland in April 2019 was everything we had hoped it would be and it rekindled the wanderlust in both of us. Our family and traveling companions are shown to the right with us – by the famed Tower Bridge. We arrived in London to beautiful, early spring weather after having left winter at home. The second week in Ireland was mostly cold, wet, and windy but still so much fun – and we’d go back again in a heartbeat.


Our Plan for 2020 We celebrated the fifteen-year-anniversary of Sunrise Landing in September 2019. During those years our family has continued to grow. We now have two great-grandchildren in Florida to enjoy and brag about – Isla, aged 3 pictured with Bob on the left, and her adorable little brother, Callan, born this past October. We feel blessed to be gifted with “grandchildren” all over again. Our five children and twelve grandchildren and their families are spread coast to coast from Boston to Washington State with grandchildren also residing at points in-between, including New York, Ohio and Colorado. We hope to be able to balance our desire for ample down-time to enjoy our family and other pursuits, with our wish to continue operating Sunrise Landing.
We will re-open for the 2020 season on May 1 and may close the season earlier than in the past. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights will often be limited to the rental option (the two lower, apartment units). For reservations accepted for the Bed and Breakfast option to include those mid-week nights, the tentative plan will be that in the morning – juice and coffee/tea, etc. will be available at Sunrise Landing and a gift card will be given for a full breakfast off-site. We give extra consideration to our returning guests. So, if you wish to book the Bed and Breakfast option for any of the suites and the dates are blocked out, we invite you to give us a call and we will do our best to come up with an arrangement that works for you. As a token of our appreciation, there is always a discount for all our returning guests.


As always we wish you good health in 2020 and the opportunity to do more of the things you love!
We hope to hear from you too – and would love to see you sometime during the year.
With warm wishes, Bob and Barb